About Us

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Membership Status 2015/2016 Updates:

Early Registration: (Deadline – Friday June 19, 2015)

Scouts Canada Fee: $175.00

Group Fee: $100.00

Total Fee: $275.00

Late Registration:

Scouts Canada Fee: $190.00

Group Fee: $100.00

Total Fee: $290.00


Our goal is to help the youth improve their knowledge. Learn what to do when you are lost in the wild and become a better person by helping out others. A lot of this knowledge can only be found in scouting.


We teach youth to be independent and take leadership roles. They can learn many skills during camps, and have lots of FUN at the same time.

Activities include:

  • Weekly meetings
  • Seasonal Camps and hikes
  • Summer Sailing Program
  • Seasonal parties (Halloween Party, Christmas Party, etc.)
  • Leadership Training

And many more!

The summer program we offer is